Welcome to the Fire MOU Partnership


You are receiving this letter because you have expressed interest in the Fire MOU Partnership and our 5-year effort to increase fire use in California for ecological and other benefits.

Included in this e-mail is the Fire MOU Partnership Initiation Form to fill out and return to the Steering Committee at: craig@sierraforestlegacy.org, the work products from our initial meeting on February 2-3 2016, and current signed MOU. We will attach and record all incoming parties to this document.

The Partnership will be meeting twice a year and we welcome your participation in those meetings.  We have also identified three initial working groups at our first meeting that will be meeting more frequently. After reviewing the work products from the first meeting, think about where your interest, expertise and commitment fit into this initial framework and whether you would be interested in participating in one of the working groups. If you have questions, please contact: Rob Griffith at rgriffith@fs.fed.us  707-562-8695 or Craig Thomas craig@sierraforestlegacy.org 916-708-9409.

We appreciate your interest and commitment to these ongoing efforts.



The Steering Committee