Peavine Point RNA Map (391KB PDF).

Peavine Point RNA Project Notice (218KB PDF).

Peavine Point Research Natural Area Prescribed Burn Project

The Peavine Point Research Natural Area Prescribed Burn Project proposes a prescribed burn on 803 (73%) of the 1098 acres of the Peavine Point Research Natural Area (RNA). The purpose of the project is to reduce the naturally occuring accumulation of dead fuel on the forest floor in order to help maintain the old-growth ponderosa pine- California black oak forest ecosystem. This ecosystem type is identified as the distinctive feature of the Peavine Point RNA and due to logging activities over the past century is relatively scarce in the Sierra Nevada. This burn project will reduce the threat of a future wildfire destroying this rare west slope ecosystem.

Peavine Point Research Natural Area is located on the Eldorado National Forest, in the South Fork American River Canyon, two miles NE of the town of Pollock Pines. The elevation range within the RNA is from 2080 to 3854 ft. The area receives between 28 - 51 inches of precipitation a year. The last prescribed burn that took place in the RNA took place in 1998 and treated a similar amount of acreage. Previous burns were carried out in 1983 and 1979.

Project activities proposed are ignition via drip torches, firing devices, as well as aerial ignition via helicopter in the steeepest portion of the RNA.

Sierra Forest Legacy fully supports this and other similar prescribed burning projects which seek to reduce fuel loads on the forest floor while maintaining the ecological integrity of the forest. Prescribed buring provides significant ecological benefit, and is necessary to truly restore our forests as well as reduce the occurrence of the excess biomass that increases fire severity. The ponderosa pine-California black oak ecosystem which identifies the Peavine Point RNA and is a rare ecosytem on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada will be greatly benefitted by this type for forest management.

The learn more about this project contact:

Eldorado National Forest
Pacific Ranger District
c/o Brian Ebert
7887 Hwy 50
Pollock Pines, CA 95726
(530) 647-5403