Projects and Plans

  National forests throughout the Sierra Nevada are guided by plans, written by the Forest Service, and which attempt to implement laws and regulations pertaining to forest management. Other regional plans are also proposed and created that are often an attempt to implement directives received due to political considerations from Washington D.C., or a perceived need to change the direction of management on our national forests.

Projects proposed by each national forest in the Sierra Nevada comprise an effort to attain the goals and requirements laid out in the general forest plans. These localized projects sometimes fail to meet the standards and guidelines prescribed in the forest plan, violate the provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act or other environmental laws, fail to adequately address the latest available scientific research, or significantly threaten the viability of imperiled wildlife and forest ecosystems.

Our role and the role of forest conservation activists is to monitor these plans and the projects meant to implement them to ensure that the law is being followed; and to ensure that the ecological integrity and biological health of Sierra Nevada forests is not being needlessly and erroneously threatened by their approval and implementation.

Projects by Region

Major Plans and Projects

Sierra Forest Legacy Supported Projects

Forest Plan Revisions

Existing Forest Plans

Forest Monitoring

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