Existing Forest Plans

These links include the original, and still extant, forest plans for the forests of the Sierra Nevada. While the 2001 Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment (and as amended in 2004), addressed certain aspects of planning for the national forests of the Sierra Nevada, the rest of the material in the existing plans are still in play, as of 2019. Under the requirements of the National Forest Management Act, plans are to be revised to reflect current scientific and management issues at least every 15 years; however these plans were created in 1988-90, nearly 30 years ago.

As of 2019, forest plan revisions are in the works for the Tahoe National Forest, the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit (2014), and the Sequoia, Sierra, and Inyo National Forests.

Several of these links have been removed or updated by the Forest Service since we built this website, and some of the plans may have been removed when you visit this site. They may disappear at any time, but should still be available in some FS offices and libraries. They are important historical references and should be preserved.