Laws, Policy and Regulations

  The management of the forests of the Sierra Nevada begins with the creation of laws written by Congress and signed by the President. These laws are then implemented through regulations written by the managing agency and are further executed at a more local level through the creation of plans and the projects to fulfill the guidelines of the plans. At the core of the management of our national forests are these laws and regulations which guide what can and can’t be done on forest lands.

Keeping track of these regulations, ever-changing case law, and policy changes, and fighting any illegal, or misguided attempts to derail the appropriate management and stewardship of our national forests is imperative. Past legal decisions have been made with regularity which have changed the landscape of forest management and many important cases are still being argued and deliberated over which could rule that a major regulation or policy change was illegal, thus changing overnight the manner in which our forests are managed. Our policy and legal experts are constantly navigating this regulatory landscape in order to monitor decisions and ensure that the long-term protection and restoration of Sierra Nevada forests and species prevail.

Recent Important Case Law

Key Forest Service Policy Affecting the Sierra Nevada

Forest Planning Regulations