Threats to Forest Health

What is forest health? A healthy forest is biologically diverse. It is a complex system, not one that has been simplified, and ecological processes that influence forest structure and composition are intact. These include fire, stream flows, natural succession, nutrient cycling, and predator/prey relationships. Complex forest ecosystems are more resilient to threats from climate change and other types of disturbances. Sierra Forest Legacy works to ensure that the best science is used to inform management activities so that processes remain intact and forests continue to sustain wildlife, while also providing clean water, clean air, and beauty that sustain the human spirit and well being.

Here you will find information regarding the primary threats to forest health in the Sierra Nevada.

Scotch broom

Altered Fire Regimes

Climate Change

Excessive Livestock Grazing

Invasive Species

Unsustainable Logging Practices

Off-road Vehicles


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