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Vaagen Brother’s Lumber – Colville, Washington

Vaagen BrothersIn the late 80’s, Vaagen Brother’s Lumber started pioneering small diameter technology in the US that had been in use in Scandinavian countries.  Today their focus is small diameter logs. They produce lumber out of logs starting at 4 inch small end diameter and we make chips from logs down to 2 inch small end diameter. The largest log that they can make lumber out of is 14 inch large end diameter. It truly is a small diameter process.

The Vaagens have embraced collaboration with conservation interests and all have come to agree that there can be more timber harvested at the same time as they protect other areas of the forest. As a result, there has not been a project appealed on the Colville involving Vaagen Brother’s Lumber in more than two years. The Northeast Washington Forestry Coalition has a Memorandum of Understanding signed with Colville National Forest to collaborate on projects and issues of managing the forest.

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