Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities Partnership – Portland, Oregon

The Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities Partnership (HFHC) is a non-profit network of businesses in the Pacific Northwest committed to making the highest quality products from wood selected in ways that maintain or restore the health of our forests. HFHC businesses are locally-owned and create jobs in small towns throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Pacific Northwest forests are in urgent need of restoration, a talented labor force is eager for opportunities to get to work in the woods, and local businesses are seeking environmentally harvested wood to turn into high value products. HFHC brings these forces together to forge a new economy based on diverse enterprises, jobs in forest restoration, and the use of small diameter timber.

Throughout the Northwest, local businesses turn wood originating from FSC certified, reclaimed, and forest restoration projects into quality products. Those demonstrating a commitment to the environment and to their communities qualify to be members of the Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities Partnership.

HFHC specializes in producing flooring and paneling, furniture, building materials such as beams and decking, and logs utilized in for post and pole construction and actively works toward promoting both forest conservation and small town vitality.