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Current Job Openings

May 24, 2022

Job Announcement
Executive Director

Sierra Forest Legacy is seeking an executive director to lead our effort to conserve biodiversity and ecosystems in the Sierra Nevada. We seek a dynamic leader capable of integrating the science and policy that forms the foundation for conservation with the ability to work with conservation allies, decision makers, and other stakeholders to protect sensitive resources in the bioregion.

Sierra Forest Legacy’s mission is to engage land managers, scientists, and stakeholders in the management of Sierra Nevada ecosystems to protect and restore the unparalleled beauty and natural values of the region.  We apply the best practices of science, advocacy and grassroots engagement through coalition building to safeguard forest lands throughout the Sierra Nevada.  

Our Vision
We look forward to the day when California’s magnificent mountain range is restored to its full health with:

  • Landscapes that reflect the natural diversity of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and provide habitat to support viable fish, wildlife, and plant communities to near historic quantities and patterns;
  • Ecologically robust aquatic and riparian ecosystems, including rivers, streams, lakes and meadows;
  • Forests influenced by natural disturbance regimes, e.g., fire, disease, and insects, that beneficially shape their composition and structure in patterns similar to those experienced prior to fire suppression;
  • Ecological services and recreational opportunities are ecologically sustaSustainability Modelinable and provide ecosystem integrity, supporting both passive and active human use of the watersheds; and
  • Management of public lands and resources in ways that allow ecological processes to act naturally upon the landscape and are based on the principles of strong sustainability.

The Organization and Our Approach
Logging, fire suppression, and overuse of resources have caused species and ecosystems in the Sierra Nevada to become imperiled. These threats are heightened by the additional impacts expected from climate change and anti-environmental interests. Since 1996, Sierra Forest Legacy has provided feedback to the U.S. Forest Service and other resource management agencies on the best practices to respond to these threats and manage forest lands to protect biodiversity and maintain ecological integrity. Staffed by ecologists and experts in public policy, we are consistently called on by decision makers, scientists and our partners to offer our perspectives and recommendations about resource management and conservation.

The dynamic of fire in the bioregion’s fire-adapted forests is complicated. Fire of low and mixed severity is a beneficial process that imparts resilience to the ecosystem, while insufficient fire or fire that is extreme over large areas is generally not beneficial. Managed fire is also safer than the inevitable alternative of unplanned and potentially unmanageable fires which are worse threats to people and air quality. To achieve the right balance, we integrate our advocacy for species conservation with our effort to increase the use of managed fire in order to protect sensitive resources in the short term, and increase resiliency to climate change in the long term.

The Position
JOB TITLE:                  Executive Director (project director)
POSITION:                   Regular, Full-Time, Exempt
REPORTS TO:            Advisory Board
LOCATION:                  Home office located within the Sierra Nevada bioregion

Compensation and Benefits
SALARY:           $75,000 to $80,000, depending on experience
VACATION:       15 days per year (year 1); 20 days per year (years 2-7), 25 days per year (year 8+)
HOLIDAYS:       13 annual holidays (12 paid holidays plus 1 floating)
SICK LEAVE:    12 days per year
Additional benefits: Insurance (medical, dental, vision, and basic term life); 403B Retirement Plan with employer matching contributions.

Position Overview (see job description for full detail)
Sierra Forest Legacy (SFL) is a fiscally sponsored project of the Tides Center. The executive director is employed by Tides Center as a “project director.” The executive director will manage the overall program, administration, communications, and fundraising work of Sierra Forest Legacy. The executive director will manage and oversee work of staff and consultants engaged in implementing SFL’s mission. The program work is focused on forest conservation of National Forest Service lands in the Sierra Nevada. Program work includes the technical and public policy aspects of forest conservation, engagement in collaborative processes with partners and other stakeholders, and communication strategies to engage decision makers, scientists, and stakeholders on the best practices of conservation. Administrative duties include grant writing, donor cultivation, and other fundraising responsibilities, ensuring staff have adequate training, regular performance reviews, and oversight and leadership to support their work. Communications work involves developing campaigns and communication plans with staff, consultants, and partners. The executive director is responsible for working with staff and the advisory board to develop and implement the strategic plan and to raise funds to support the strategic plan.

How To Apply
Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and three professional references via email to Hiring Team at with “Executive Director” in the subject line. This position is open until filled.

Sierra Forest Legacy, a project of the Tides Center, is an equal opportunity employer. We strongly encourage and seek applications from women, people of color, including bilingual and bicultural individuals, as well as members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender communities.